Top Brokerage Accounts

Top Brokerage Accounts

1. Interactive Brokers – Best made for your frequent trader, Interactive Brokers offers many options the discount brokers lack. With advanced Forex and Options Trading it is a sure winner for those heavy investors. The fee structure is the cheapest out there at .005 cents per share. The best choice for any investor the only hold back is the $10K minimum. Anyone just beginning to invest in stocks should start off with a simpler platform and build their way up.

2. OptionsXpress – Despite its name, this online stock trading site offers accounts that trade just about any type of security you want including options, stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, futures and more. This site is easy to use and gets to the point. Not the cheapest, but tops in functionality. Plus they offer Free Account Transfers. If you are just beginning to trade stocks then this is a sure winner

3. E*Trade – E*Trade gets high marks for its range of offerings including banking and mutual funds. In recent years they have absorbed several other brokerage firms which has positioned them as the Global online stock trading market leader. Like all the others it offers low rates and much lower starting amounts. E*Trade is great at offering all the extras from portfolio graphs, iPhone Apps, etc. Plus those E*Trade Baby Commercials got to make you laugh. Great place to start trading stocks in.

4. Charles Schwab – Schwab is the oldest of discount brokerage and is carrying this tradition to its online offering. Slowly its shifting to look more like a traditional broker. The great part is it offers its own research and clients can work with an investment advisor or Schwab will manage their account for them which is convenient if you know nothing about the markets. Rated as the best choice by The Wall Street Journal. A classic choice for the older investors.

5. Scottrade – Their claim to fame is superior customer satisfaction, which you can tell by the J.D Power and Associates survey of online brokers. S7 commissions are reasonable and they offer solid analysis w/ the S&P reports. Was a long-time user and would recommend it to anyone. Easy to use, reasonable fees, solid starting point as well to invest in stock with.

6. TradeKing – TradeKing is the online stock trading site to checkout for low cost trading. If you want the cheapest trading on the web, TradeKing is the solution. Barron’s agrees by rating it as the best place to start if you are looking for the best price for trades.

7. Wells Fargo – Finally a large retail bank entering the brokerage services. Wells Fargo is solid as you are offered five different levels of accounts depending on whether you want a strictly independent trading account or a version of their managed accounts. The best part personally is if you are a current Wells Fargo customer, then you can find all their financial services in the same location.

8. TD Ameritrade – TD Ameritrade is another brokerage that is the result of mergers and has now become one of the largest players. The company has a large selection of mutual funds and is noted for its responsiveness to customer inquiries. For pure traders not the best option as it is better used by long-term investors.

9. Fidelity – Fidelity shows up at the top or near the top of almost every ranking of online stock trading brokers. They are not the least expensive, but top most lists in customer satisfaction. Fidelity is known for its research and investors can talk to advisors face-to-face at one of the many Fidelity investment centers.

10. Zecco – Known for offering free stock trades, Zecco has become a competitive discount broker. It winning rave reviews as the up and comer among Brokerage Accounts. Be prepared to do your own research however, as Zecco doesn’t offer all the luxuries you might be use to. If you are strapped for cash and don’t want excessively high fees, then Zecco is the place to trade stocks.