What Assets Google Currently Has?

What Assets Google Currently Has?

Only ten years ago Google was a research project based in a dormitory at Stanford University. Since then they have become a $250 billion dollar corporatigoogleon employing 20,000 people worldwide and have a brand presence that matches McDonalds and Coca Cola. “Google” has become an actual word in the webster’s dictionary, it means to search for something. The question has arisen recently however, where to next for Google?

What more could they possibly do? The answer is Google could eventually rule the world. Over the next few weeks I will talk about is Google. I have five articles lined up which I will talk about: What Assets Google Has? What Google is Innovating? Is Google a Good Investment: Analysis of Google’s Stock and Financials? What is Google’s Competition and What it means? and finally What Google’s Overall Outlook looks like? Is it a good time to invest in Google and is Google a Good Stock to Buy? Read and follow this week to find out.

What Assets Google already has?

Google currently is the #1 website on the Internet. With over 400 million people using it on a daily basis it dominates all search engine activity. When I mean dominate, I mean dominate as Google controls roughly around 78% of the Search Engine Perspective. TO but that in perspective, even with the merger of Yahoo and Microsoft, MicroYoo will still only control 15% of the Search Engine market. A small piece in the Google pie.

Adsense & Adwords

Google’s revenue comes from advertisements posted throughout the web. To place the advertisements in as many possible places, Google uses both Adsense and Adwords. Many Bloggers would know both of these very well. I use Adsense on Stocks on Wall Street and love it. Virtually Adsense allows for users to have content-based advertisements placed on their site. They are paid for on a Pay-Per-Click basis. Google takes a cut out of every click yet no one knows how much but always equals to be quite profitable for Google. The other service is Adwords which is a way to market a website. I pay Google to place advertisements for Stocks on Wall Street around the web.


GMail is the top non-paid email service on the web hands down. This role use to belong to Yahoo yet no more as GMail currently has more than 146 million monthly users. The features it offers make it stand out against the rest that now people are trying to copy it. Just look at Yahoo’s launch of YMail. GMail does show ads and has been a profitable addition to Google’s portfolio.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is growing into the top browser on the web. It will be impossible for them to dethrone Internet Explorer or Firefox in 2009 though after that it is all open for Google to emerge as a leader. With Google Chrome planned to be installed on most new computers it its very reasonable to expect them to snag as much as 15% of the browser market.

Google Apps

As the economy continues to struggle, Google Apps continues to thrive. Google Apps deliver all the products Microsoft does for FREE! More and more business are taking advantage of this and switching their whole office to operate around Google Apps. Makes sense to with the large costs associated with legally setting up Microsoft Exchange and Office.

Google Earth

Google Earth allows users to see pictures overhead pictures of cities across the globe. With new updated street view it is becoming a popular tool for web users.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is the replacement for Paypal. Its provides simple, easy-to-use service services to buy online and for small business to create online stores.

Google Health

Google Health’s popularity had been growing quickly. Over the next couple year it is expected to save the Treasury $20 billion, as they will implement it into their system instead of creating their own. Google Health allows patients who attend one of the increasing number of medical establishments that subscribe to the scheme to place all the medical records on a cyber vault for the patients to access.


Google has also made some acquisitions such as the purchase of YouTube for $1 billion dollars. Google now claims that YouTube  entering the realm of profitability. I don’t see why not as its monetized views as tripled in the past year as it has established itself into the world.


Soon enough the Android will be competing against the iPhone for the top smart phone spot. Currently the Android is only available on the G1 for T-Mobile. However that is changing soon as by the end of 2009 the Android is expected to be included on both Motorola and Samsung. To add to the G1, Google will be coming out with more phones that run the open source operating system. This hype of more Android phones will fuel further development and make the Android very successful.

Overall, Google is coming off a terrible year along with most other companies due to the fall in the economy. They have the pieces in place to be very successful. With current holdings as mentioned and future developments, which I will mention, tomorrow they are on the path to revolutionize the Internet again.