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Why We Love Ari Gold? Because He Has The Tactics To Succeed In Any Industry

Why We Love Ari Gold? Because He Has The Tactics To Succeed In Any Industry


Want to be a successful businessman? Want to rule an industry? Want to be hated because you’re the best at what you do? Well if you wish for any of these, then just mimic everything Ari Gold does. For those of you who’ve never watched HBO’s proclaimed comedy ‘Entourage’ then you are sure missing out. In the show, one of the stars is Ari Gold, the star-studded agent and ruthless negotiator. You’ll quickly learn that the tactics that make Ari Gold so great at his job are the same tactics that make everyone else hate him. This is why we love Ari Gold and why we believe he has the characteristics, behavior, attitude, and tools to succeed in any industry:


1. His swag, his style. His quick twitch, ADD behavior which is a wrecking ball to anyone who gets in his way. He never takes NO as an answer.

2.  Ari Gold may be considered an a**hole to many, but results don’t lie and that’s something everyone needs to learn in life. The key in life is to get the job done. If your boss asks you to do something, do anything to get it done. Of course follow some form of moral/ethical code as we don’t want to create another Bernie Madoff here but beside the point, always get the job done. If you can get the job done & produce results you’ll have a job forever!

3. Ari Gold knows how to work the system. Never cheat the system, just use it to your advantage. It’s not lying if you don’t tell them the full extent of the truth. Find out the information you want to know first then let them in. Always leverage everything you have, even if it’s very little. Find flaws in the system and take advantage and capitalize on them.

4. Ari Gold is scared of no one, no opportunity, no challenge. In many cases throughout the life, take the path less traveled. Don’t be scared to take risks, as it’s those risks that will pay off the biggest rewards and if you do fail then it’s just another learning opportunity and a step towards success. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

5. Ari Gold knows how to convince anyone in any situation. Learning to convince people to side with you, take a chance in you, believe in you is the key in life. If you can convince one person, you can convince the world.

6. Ari Gold has a compassionate side and knows the importance of friendship & relationships. Throughout the series you will see the bond that grows between Vince and Ari. Never burn bridges that hold you up. There is no satisfaction in success if there is no one to share it with.

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