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Who Are The Five Successful Entrepreneurs Behind ABC's Hit Show, Shark Tank?

Who Are The Five Successful Entrepreneurs Behind ABC’s Hit Show, Shark Tank?

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 6.04.05 PMEveryone make sure to tune into ABC tomorrow night at 8:00 PM to watch a new episode of their hit show, Shark Tank. For those of you who’ve never see the show, your missing out. Shark Tank is where five successful entrepreneurs fight over promising startups, and ruthlessly chew up the unprepared or those who aren’t business minded. Anyone who is interested in the world of business, venture capital, or money will love this show. It provides a wealth of knowledge about what venture capitalists need to hear before they invest in your company. Plus the fighting between the sharks alone is as great as entertainment can come. The key to being successful when you come into the shark tank is as easy as three steps:

  1. Have a great idea that either makes money or has potential to.
  2. Be prepared, from top to bottom know the in’s and out’s of your business and have everything to present to wow the sharks. Being unprepared, stuttering, or having any mix-ups will get you eaten alive through harsh criticism and ruthless comments and leave you empty handed.
  3. Have the X-Factor, something to wow the Sharks and get them opening their checkbooks to get a part of your business. If you nail the presentation and wow the Sharks your financial worries will be all over as you’ll have every Shark their willing to not only give you and your business the money needed to grow and expand but they will provide you with the necessary resources and contacts to take your business to the next level.

Like the business world, things can get quite ruthless in the Shark Tank and there is no holding back. It’s what makes the show such a hit and so entertaining the constant battling not only between the entrepreneurs and the sharks but the sharks themselves. Before we get into the many great business lessons you can learn from the show we first have to let you in on who the five sharks are that you will be presenting to, ranked from net-worth:

Mark Cuban, Net Worth $2.3 Billion: You might all know Mark Cuban as the flamboyant, outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks. You see all these great qualities in full effect during Shark Tank where Cuban constantly battles Kevin O’Leary as the most critical and harsh of the all Sharks. Cuban started out his career by launching a company, MicroSolutions, which was a system integrator and software reseller. He sold it to H&R Block for $6 million and used this seed capital to launch his next venture, an online sports webcasting company. He capitalized by selling Broadcast during the dot come boom to Yahoo for $5.9 billion. Since then along with running the Dallas Mavericks and being a prominent figure on Shark Tank, Cuban runs his own investment company and has become a rather outspoken, popular media mogul.

Kevin O’Leary, Net Worth $300 Million: Kevin like Cuban is by far one of the most entertaining of the bunch. It’s because his ruthless behavior and no limits deliver great punch lines, sometimes they can be quite mean, as he doesn’t hold back. While some people might be offended others find it hysterical as if you like Simon Cowell from American Idol and the X-Factor and his harsh criticism then you will love Kevin, as it’s hard to imagine but he’s even more ruthless than Simon. The guy only cares about one thing and that’s making money. If you have a great idea then he’ll be your best friend but if you stutter or goof up at all during your presentation be ready for his ruthless comments. O’Leary has had a successful business career making the majority of his wealth by creating an education software program that he sold to Mattel for $3.8 billion. Since then along with his duties on Shark Tank and being a venture capitalist he runs O’Leary Funds, a mutual fund company that targets buy and hold investors.

Robert Herjavec, Net Worth $100 Million: Robert is the kindest of all the male Sharks however he can dish out criticism from time to time. A software guy himself he founded an Internet security company that he later sold to Nokia for $225 million. He currently is CEO of Herjacveck Group, a security software program he founded in 2003 along with being a venture capitalist through his Shark Tank duties.

Daymond John, Net Worth $100 Million: The original founder of the popular clothing line, FUBU. John is a true story of rags to riches as he use to sew and make his clothes himself in his mothers basement making $800 a day until he and his mother mortgaged their house for $100,000 to generate startup capital. Well this great risk paid off, as FUBU has become a prominent global clothing brand that at its peak has generated over $400 million in revenue in a single year. Along with being current CEO & President of Fubu, John is an active venture capitalist, which is why he has been a great addition to the show. While critical he is very articulate and educated when it comes to giving advice and voicing his opinion.

Barbara Corcoran, Net Worth $50 Million: Barbara is a real estate mogul and has been doing it for quite some time. She originally founded her company, The Corcoran Group, in 1973 with the help of her wealthy boyfriend, who fronted her the original loan. After having a successful career she sold her company for $66 million in 2003 and now along with being an investor on Shark Tank she has become a motivational speaker, author, and popular television personality. Considered the nicest of the bunch also being the only woman, Barbara often sides with female entrepreneurs and gangs up against the men calling them ruthless pigs. However don’t let her pretty face fool you, she can get down and dirty and be just as ruthless as the boys at times.

So now you know who the Sharks are make sure to tune into ABC every Friday at 8:00 PM to watch the show!

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