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Things to Keep in Mind When You Are Organising a Business Banquet

If you have just started a job as a personal assistant or office manager, it is likely that you will be asked to organise some events from time to time. There is often a lot involved in these events, regardless of how many attendees there will be. When there are fewer people involved, it tends to mean that those selected will be the CEOs, partners, etc. meaning they will have high expectations for their treatment and service. Of course when there are a lot of attendees due to come to an event, you will have to ensure that you have kept everyone’s personal requirements to mind when making arrangements.

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming tasks will be trying to organise a business banquet, whether this is a companywide celebration or a something your business wants to do for customers and clients. However when you get it right, you can expect to be highly commended for your efforts, meaning it can be very rewarding in the long run. So here are some tips to keep in mind so you get the results you need to succeed:

Venue size

The primary consideration you will need to make is what venue will fit the number of guests / delegates. There are some places that you will need to rule out based on the fact that they will be too cramped, or the layout won’t be conducive to holding specific groups of people. It would be bad manners to have one subset of people in one area, and then have the remainder in another; people should be sat together for these types of occasions.

Dietary requirements

Of course if you are organising a business banquet you will need to pay close attention to the food that will be served. People have many specific requirements these days, so you will need to identify how many vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and allergy-free meals need to be cooked. You will need the remaining count for the other meals, as well as deciding how many courses should be served and what price bracket you will choose.

Ease of access

If you are welcoming guests from all over, it makes sense to host your business banquet in an area close to an airport or train station. That is why something like a London, Manchester or Belfast hotel would make the perfect venue. You want people to be able to arrive in time, as well as departing safety, which is why a location in or around a city would be ideal.

Hotel rooms available?

Finally, if the event will be taking place in the late afternoon or the evening, it makes sense for there to be some hotel rooms available to cater to the guests who have travelled a greater distance to attend. This is certainly the case for any international guests who have travelled by air and are not able to get a return flight until the next day.