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Racing Towards Excellence: The Fast Track to Top Financial Performance

Racing Towards Excellence: The Fast Track to Top Financial Performance

Originally I started the year off with my Top 10 Reading list. Unfortunately until this point I had strayed away from my reading list and read more comical/fictional novels. Well now I am back on track and have started to tackle my original reading list. Recently I finished reading the life changing book Racing Towards Excellence by Jan Sramek and Muzaffar Khan. It was an amazing read

and changed my whole life perspective about how I go about my day by day activities. For anyone age 17-25 this book is the perfect read to get your life on track and in the right direction.

About Racing Towards Excellence

Racing Towards Excellence takes a pragmatic approach to outperformance and seeks to bridge the gap between school, university and employment by deconstructing the things that drive you.

By considering your analytical and esoteric driving forces in a well defined and intuitive framework, the book provides the tools that you need to analyse your own behavior and use the areas in which you excel to nurture the areas in which you want to improve.

In demystifying the interrelationship between the abstract and esoteric driving forces and the day-to-day habits that make up our lives, Khan and Sramek show how reconciling success and happiness is the key to outperformance and, more importantly, give you the tools you need to achieve it too.

About the Authors

Muzaffar Khan

Worked for Citi, BarCap, Moore Capital, and was a Consultant for Man Eco. He has retired from the hedge fund world where he made his fortune at Moore Capital. Having also worked at leading investment banks, he is now a philanthropist mentoring London School of Economics students and teaching them about how to achieve excellence. Helping a select number of students as well as lecturing, Khan also instils social entrepreneurship in his mentees. He strikes a deal with each whereby they must launch pro social projects. These include an Oxford and Cambridge “help with admissions” site to improve the chances of comprehensive school children gaining admission and a book called Racing Towards Excellence to give students easy access to their template for success.

Jan Sramek

Somewhat of a prodigy in the UK. Olympic hopeful in handball, and achieved 10 A’s and 3 Distinctions at A level before studying Maths in Cambridge. Switched to LSE to study Econ and Maths at the start of year 2, so he could work part/full time at hedge funds during his studies, during which he also accumulated a rumored $200,000 in scholarships. Interned in various banks and hedge funds during his time at university while maintaining 4 startups. He’s due to start on the Goldman Sachs Emerging Markets trading desk next week, after turning down various other banks and hedge funds which headhunted him, including various top HFs and prop desks in BBs.

My Opinion about Racing Towards Excellence

Racing Towards Excellence is an excellent book to get anyone interested in finance on the fast track to success. It’s a refreshing self help book that gives you a fresh perspective on life and through a well executed process of both theory and practice. Jan and Muzaffar do a great job at outlining what you need to do to become successful and how to separate your life into four accounts to establish a balanced life to reach both success and happiness. I personally think this needs to become a mandatory read for young students in universities. So again as I have expressed anyone in the age group 17-25 this is a must read for all you other folks I would recommend you read this book and learn some very successful tips on how to restructure your life.

If your interested in reading this book you can buy it at Amazon for the cheapest price on the web. Just click on the link and Enjoy!