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Saturday's Must-Read Articles: JP Morgan, The Most Successful Rogue Trader Of All Time

Saturday’s Must-Read Articles: JP Morgan, The Most Successful Rogue Trader Of All Time

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend so far. Below we have some great articles for you to read. Like always, if you have any investment questions or need advice on a specific stock, Stocks on Wall Street is always here for you so feel free to Contact Us at anytime. We always love to hear from our readers so please shoot us an email. Also let us know what you think about the articles below and your thoughts on the markets current climate by either commenting below, posting on our Facebook Fan Page or by sending us either Stocks on Wall Street or our Founder a Tweet.

JP Morgan: The Most Successful Rogue Trader Of All Time – Quartz

The Election Matters, But Stocks Are Cheap – Wesbury & Stein, First Trust

Three Views on the Best Way to Create Jobs – Christian Science Monitor

Who’s Right? Main Street Or Wall St.? – Anthony Mirhaydari, MSN Money

Is Apple Starting to Unravel Without Jobs? – Therese Poletti, MarketWatch

“Do You Get The Feeling That Things Could Get Violent?” – The Economist

Wall Street Casts Its Vote: The Market Is Going Down – Patti Domm, CNBC

Congratulations, Mr. President. Time to Work – Mohamed El-Erian, CNN

Now Comes America’s Real Test – Lionel Barber, Financial Times

Romney’s Economic Advisers Cost Him the Election – John Tamny, Forbes

6 Picks For Post-Election Healthcare Policy – Tom Miller, RealClearMarkets

A Post-Election Rally For the Market? – Anthony Mirhaydari, MSN Money

On Paper, Obama’s Victory Should Thrill Investors – John Crudele, NYP

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