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Tuesday Morning Reads: The 13-Year Old Who Built Your iPhone

Tuesday Morning Reads: The 13-Year Old Who Built Your iPhone

Good morning everyone, hope your all having a great start to your day. Again below are a great list of some top articles to help you start your day off right. Read them and let us know what you think either by leaving a comment below or leave a comment on our Facebook or Twitter.

The 13-Year Old Who Built Your iPhone (MSNBC)

Kass: Where I Stand Now (2012 Edition) (The Street)

Bulls Best Friend (The New York Magazine)

Steve Ballmer Reboots (BusinessWeek)

Top Economists of 2011 (The Making of an Economist)

The Mystery Woman Behind the Murdoch Mess (Vanity Fair)

Inside Baseball (The New York Review of Books)

Making it in America (The Atlantic)

Addiction to Prediction (Process Maximus)

How Many Stephen Colberts Are There? (The New York Times)

A World Without China (Huffington Post)

Mister, I Don’t Sell to Fish (Interloper)

Credit Card Firms: They Don’t Just Steal from Cardholders (Rolling Stone)

Did This Man Really Cut Michael Jordan? (Sports Illustrated)

Ten All New Management Terms for 2012 (Macro Man)

Soon, $1,000 Will Map Your Genes (The Wall Street Journal)

Google Maps: Designing the Modern Atlas (Core77)

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