Getting Started

Investing or Trading in the Stock Market can be the quickest way to acquriing true wealth and positioning yourself for retirement. However, Time is the True Value of money and investing is a long process. As a result it is critical to start as soon as possible. I have set up a guide to get you started:money

How to Get Started

1. Getting StartedShows you the steps necessary to get you started investing and trading and making money.

2. Why you Should Invest?Will talk you through why you should invest and why you should start ASAP!!!

225_etrade3. Choosing a Brokerage AccountWill address the critical questions that need to be answered when opening a new brokerage account.

4. Top Brokerage AccountsLists the Top Brokerage Accounts and which ones are best for specific people.

How to Invest

1. InvestingAddresses the basic questions of investing and why it is so important to do so.

2. Rules of InvestingLists some important rules that need to be followed when

3. Fundamentals of Investing: Qualitative FactorsAddresses the Fundamental qualitative factors of Investing.

4. Fundamental Analysis: Financial StatementsShows you how to analyze financial statements and whats important to look at.

5. Technical Analysis: BasicsGives you a basic overview on technical analysis of stocks and companies.

6. Books to Read on InvestingGives a list of top books to read to improve your investing skills.

Following these steps will give you a good basic concept of how to trade, invest, and get started accumulating wealth. Good luck and feel free to contact us with any further questions.