The True Billionaire’s Club: Top 10 Earning Fund Managers

Think Hedge Funds are struggled in 2009, well look again.  Recently the 2009 personal earnings for the Top 10 Fund Managers were released and the numbers are astonishing. Fund managers make the majority of their money from performance fees and returns on their own capital investments. The Top 25 Fund Manager’s made a collective total of $25.3 billion.  Not to shabby.  The lowest earner on the list made a measly $350 million, what a shame.  Maybe you should consider a career change, think Top CEO’s Got Paid in 2010? Think again, Jiang Jianqing who works for ICBC in China made only $235 million and he was the Top Paid CEO in 2009, maybe he should consider become David Tepper’s assistant as he racked in a total of $4 billion in 2009.  After checking out this list I think I have finally found my future occupation.  Check it out:

Top 10 Earning Fund Mangers

1.David Tepper, Appaloosa Management
2009 personal earnings: $4 billion

2. George Soros, Soros Fund Management
2009 personal earnings: $3.3 billion

3. James Simons, Renaissance Technologies
2009 personal earnings: $2.5 billion

4: John Paulson, Paulson & Company
2009 personal earnings: $2.3 billion

5: Steve Cohen, SAC Capital Advisors
2009 personal earnings: $1.4 billion

6. (tie): Carl Icahn, Icahn Capital
2009 personal earnings: $1.3 billion

6. (tie): Edward Lampert, ESL Investments
2009 personal earnings: $1.3 billion

8. (tie): Kenneth Griffin, Citadel Investment Group
2009 personal earnings: $900 million

8. (tie): John Arnold, Centaurus Advisors
2009 personal earnings: $900 million

10. Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capital Partners
2009 personal earnings: $825 million

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