What’s Your Trading Philosophy?

When trading, we implement a swing trading style where we buy momentum based growth stocks and turn them for the largest gains in the shortest amount of time possible. When we mean short, we mean short. Most stocks will never be held for longer than a week, a lot less than a day, and some less than an hour. We don’t care about the long-term, we don’t have the patience for it. We are looking for a quick buck and have found out this trading system to be quite effective for myself. One thing however we do is invest in quality companies. We are not one for penny stocks and don’t believe in the theories that penny stocks are the only way to make big money fast. Following the news and making strategic picks can be quite profitable as we have made over 35% on an individual stock in a day. Quite an effective strategy.

What’s Your Investing Philosophy?

As an investor, we like to hold quality companies and make sure we diversify. We have a hard time being an investor as we don’t have the patience to hold stocks for a long time. We think to be a strong investor you need to avoid trading in and out of stocks. Hold a good array of positions, around 12-20 stocks, diversify and your account should do you numbers.

Can I Ask You Your Opinion on an Individual Stock?

Any time you have a question about anything Finance related or just to say hi and introduce yourself feel free to contact us.

How Can I Become a Better Trader/Investor?

Well keep reading an array of sites, books, etc and never stop learning. Practice with either a trial account or risk some extra money. Here are some steps to Get You Started.

What Are Your Favorite Stocks?

Our favorite stocks will be listed in our articles that we constantly post throughout the site.  Of course we are trading every day so don’t have time to post about every stock, so to see more picks either email us or follow us on the following social media listed below.

Do You Recommend Any Mutual Funds?

No way. We hate Mutual Funds and are very much against them. They tend to charge high performance fees and offer very little returns. We would much rather invest in an array of stocks or ETFs.

Do You Recommend Any Online Brokers?

Sure do, we think Online Brokers are the best value. We use Interactive Brokers however you can see my Top Brokerage Accounts.

What Investing Books Should I Read?

Yes we do have a list of Investing Books. Check them out.

If You Have Any More Questions That Have Been Left Unanswered Feel Free to Contact Us