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Like any savvy investor I rely quite a bit on information I glean from other skillful traders. Since the Google Finance boards have recently been rendered unusable by spammersforum-screen_th, online stock forums are becoming more and more popular for sourcing great stock tips. While there are plenty of these forums available, not all of them are useful, and more than half of them are plagued with spam and pump/dump stuff.

Stock Rants is fast becoming one of the best stock forums online, and a great source for killer stock picks. The board has some sophisticated features like a detailed reputation system unlocking hidden areas, a live IRC chat for day traders, and a zero tolerance policy for spammers, pumpers, and trolls. If you earn a high enough reputation here you can even earn money posting your plays.

Also, now that micro-cap stocks are very much back in style, I have seen some sick gains being made via tips from their penny stock picks forum. Always do your own DD when reading these discussions, but I think you will find that with the reputation system in place at Stock Rants, the information gleaned there is of a pretty high quality.

Oh and one more thing. Miles, the administrator over at Stock Rants, told me there will be a very cool free contest with some valuable prizes coming soon, but you’ll need to be signed up in advance to take advantage of it. Sign up to Stock Rants and mention StocksonWallStreet in your Introduction thread =)

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