Tax 101: How to determine if you have unclaimed tax refunds

When it comes to filing your tax, you want to make sure that you have everything right. You can get into serious trouble if you end up making certain mistakes, and therefore it is a good idea to check over it multiple times. Some people will probably give them a day or two to look over their taxes and ensure that they have made all the right calculations. Some people will hire an accountant, although this is going to depend on how much you are actually going to have to file. It is going to be different depending on the person.

When filing a tax, you may find that you have the right claim back money on certain things. If you do not earn enough to file tax, it is still advised that you do so. You will end up getting the money back anyway. Tax relief can give you a nice surprise within the next few months. Over time, however, you may find that you have unclaimed tax that you can claim. It is important, therefore, to find out how you will be able to get this.

Filing for Your Return

If you know that you have unclaimed tax from the IRS, then you will need to file for it no later than three years after the due date. This is usually going to happen in cases where you know that you have unclaimed tax, but it has not been delivered to your or you have not yet claimed it from the IRS.

Undelivered Returns

If you know that you have undelivered claims, then you need to know that all claims are sent to your last known address. These checks are given back to the IRS if you do not inform them of your change of address.

Contact the IRS

If you are unsure about your status, then one of the best things that you can do is contact the IRS. You can either write a letter, send an email or phone them. They will be more than happy to give you information regarding the tax that you did not receive, and whether or not you have a balance in your account. Alternatively, you can go on the Internet and see what their website says. The IRS will have all of the necessary information for when it comes to finding out your unclaimed tax, so it is a good idea to do this fast.

Always remember that there is a time limit on claiming the tax that you are owed. If your tax was meant to be delivered to you at a certain date, then you will have a certain amount of time to collect it if it does not arrive. As stated before, always make sure to collect it within three years from the date that it was meant to arrive at your home, or you could end up losing it.

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