How America Ended Up With Four Airlines

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 1.13.58 AMThroughout the past few years the airline industry has been completely reshuffled, through various bankruptcies and mergers have reduced the major U.S. airlines down to four mega-carriers. Stocks on Wall Street has been a huge supporter of the airline industry specifically five stocks we invested in. Their overall performance since we originally invested are listed below:

Allegiant Travel (NASDAQ: ALGT) ⇧86.13%

Boeing (NYSE: BA) ⇧19.21%

Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL)  ⇧104.61%

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) ⇧36.35%

UAL Corp (NYSE: UAL)  ⇧60.42%

Total: 306.72%

Average: 61.34%

To read our original article on the airline stocks, click on the link: Five Airline Stocks That Continue To Soar

Below is a chart to see how exactly the airline industry has shifted over the years and how America has now ended up with four major airlines.

click for ginormous graphic

Source: CNN/Money

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