Sunday’s Must-Read Articles: Has Apple Lost Its Cool to Samsung?

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Below we have a great list of articles all looking into the great predictions for 2013 and beyond. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the articles below. Like always, if you have any investment questions or need advice on a specific stock, Stocks on Wall Street is always here for you so feel free to Contact Us at anytime. We always love to hear from our readers so please shoot us an email. Also let us know what you think about the articles below and your thoughts on the markets current climate by either commenting below, posting on our Facebook Fan Page or by sending us either Stocks on Wall Street or our Founder a Tweet.


Has Apple Lost Its Cool to Samsung? (WSJ)

Apple’s Stock Drop Might Bite Hedge Funds Badly (Forbes)

A New Housing Boom? Don’t Count on It (NYT)

Just who should we be blaming anyway? (Economist)

Goldman Overcomes Its Latest Headache (DealBook)

Siri Rising: The Inside Story Of Siri’s Origins — And Why She Could Overshadow The iPhone (Huffington Post)

What Is Middle Class in Manhattan? (NYT)

How To Solve Problems Like Sherlock Holmes (Fast Co.Create)

Buying the NYSE, in One Shot (NYT)

The Placebo Phenomenon (Harvard Magazine)

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