Thursday’s Must-Read Articles: Apple, Google, & Amazon Are So Profitable Because They Know What to Lose Money On

Hope everyone’s had a great week so far. For those of you on the East Coast, our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope that everyone is staying safe. Below we have some great articles for you to read and help get you through your day so sit back, relax, and enjoy some great reads. Like always, if you have any investment questions or need advice on a specific stock, Stocks on Wall Street is always here for you so feel free to Contact Us at anytime. We always love to hear from our readers so please shoot us an email. Also let us know what you think about the articles below and your thoughts on the markets current climate by either commenting below, posting on our Facebook Fan Page or by sending us either Stocks on Wall Street or our Founder a Tweet.

Apple, Google, & Amazon Are So Profitable Because They Know What to Lose Money On – Quartz

Frankenstein Economics is Killing Capitalism – MarketWatch 

Is High-Frequency Trading a Threat to Stock Trading, or a Boon? – WP

Santoli: On Wall Street, Selling Fear Is Good Business – Yahoo Finance

The Mighty Mid-Caps – The Economist

What ETFs’ Next Act Will Look Like – The Wall Street Journal

Golden Parachutes & the Wealth of Shareholders – Papers

Doug Kass on The Business of Politics – The Street

Focusing on Fundamentals Amidst the Election Hype – Nasdaq 

Apple’s Online Radio Service to Challenge Pandora in 2013 – Bloomberg

S&P 500 5% Corrections During the Current Bull Market – Be Spoke

Shift From Stocks to Bonds at Asset Firm – The Wall Street Journal

What Inflation? – FT Alphaville

Corporate Spies & Co. – The New York Times

The Social Media Stock Pickers – The Financial Times

Four Magic Tricks for Fiscal Conservatives – Project Syndicate

Is the Party Ending for Stocks? – Barron’s 

Ask A Banker: Derivatives, Gambling And Getting Around Regulation – Planet Money

Apple Inc. needs a big holiday – Heard on the Street

Time to reduce equity exposure… — Barry Ritholtz
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