Will We Ever See a Twitter IPO? Stocks on Wall Street Wants to Hear Your Answer!

Twitter is the new cool thing. The social media service is blowing up as trending has become the new cool thing. Twitter’s easily surpassing Facebook in popularity and has been more successful in generating profit from mobile devices, which everyone agrees is the future for online social media services. In fact, Twitter out earns Facebook 3-1 on mobile devices which leads many people to expect that Twitter will be more successful down the road than Facebook who we all know is having their own problems after the IPO crisis. Nevertheless, this has brought up an interesting question surrounding the much popular social media service, Twitter. Will they potentially ever have an IPO or do they not want to make the same mistakes Facebook did? As a result, this prompted us to raise the question on our Facebook Fan Page:

Stocks on Wall Street’s Question of the Day Is:

Do You Think We’ll Ever See a Twitter IPO?

So far the results are:  70% Yes 30% No

We would love to hear your answers, simply follow the link below & go to Stocks on Wall Street’s Facebook Fan Page to vote! Also weigh in by sending us a Tweet, commenting on our Facebook Fan Page discussion, or by leaving a comment below! 

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