Sunday’s Must Read Articles: A Tax to Kill High Frequency Trading

Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far. Below we have some great articles for you to read and help get you through your day so sit back, relax, and enjoy some great reads. Like always, if you have any investment questions or need advice on a specific stock, Stocks on Wall Street is always here for you so feel free to Contact Us at anytime. We always love to hear from our readers so please shoot us an email. Also let us know what you think about the articles below and your thoughts on the markets current climate by either commenting below, posting on our Facebook Fan Page or by sending us either Stocks on Wall Street or our Founder a Tweet.

A Tax to Kill High Frequency Trading (Forbes)

The War Over Economic Facts (Businessweek)

Another Stock Crash like 1987’s is Inevitable (MarketWatch)

Get Set to Buy Stocks After a Market Crash (MarketWatch)

U.S. Stocks Top All Other Assets for First Time Since ’95 (Bloomberg)

Countdown to change at the Fed (Market Watch)

When Banks Were Able to Print Their Own Money, Literally (Echoes)

You Don’t Work as Hard as You Say You Do (Economix)

Bye-Bye, PCs (Barron’s)

The Voter-Fraud Myth (The New Yorker)

U.S. Unvestors Find the Grass isn’t Greener on the Other Side (Ahead of the Tape)

Buy signal? More Than Half of Fidelity’s Assets Under Management Now in Bond or Money-Market Funds (Reuters)

Built to Win: Goldman Sachs Shares Could Rally 25% in the Next Year (Michael Santoli)

Earnings Wizadry: Are More Companies Cooking the Books? (Current Account)

Private Equity: More Money Than They Know What to Do With (Dealbook)

Ask A Banker: What’s A Derivative? (Planet Money)

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