Meet Cara Goldenberg: From analyst to hedge fund founder at rapid pace

Well we know Cara Goldenberg is more than just a pretty face; she’s one savvy businesswoman.

Back in February, we were introduced to the 29-year-old hedge fund founder after news circulated that she’d sent Warren Buffett a note over Christmas (because she knew that he liked to spend the holiday weekend looking over investment advice) with the analysis she and her partner had drawn up of their hedge fund’s top 10 stock holdings.

After which, the Oracle of Omaha invited her and her partner to Nebraska for a steak lunch.

We knew she was a Yale grad (she has a degree in chemistry), who was snapped up by Highbridge from the private equity group at Morgan Stanley, and then lured to Brahman Capital before she launched Permian Investment Partners.

But Fortune tracked down the now-30 year old blonde banker bombshell and now we have a little more insight into this rising star.

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