Oh Ya Ricky | Play Games, Watch Videos, Earn Points, and Get Prizes!

We created a portal that will allow you to kill time by, watching and
uploading videos, referring people, and playing games. Each time you
use our media services you will earn points. A unique video upload
will earn you 15 points. Watching an entire video will earn you 1
point. Playing a game for one minute will also earn you 1 point. You
will be restricted to 100 points a day via media usage. By using our
referral system you will be able to earn 5 points for each referral.
This service has no limit on the amount of points you can earn in a
single day. Checking your points is extremely easy! You can access
your profile page at any time and check how many points you have
earned. Each point has a monetary value which is also shown in your
profile. Your points work directly with our shop. You can earn
prizes like the new ipad, laptops, and cash gift cards.

Why Oh Ya Ricky? This site is unique, fun, and easy to use. It is
different than any other site because of our incredible incentives,
unique real life stories, and the new wave comic relief. We cannot
take full responsibility for this awesome website, our friend Rick
helped bring this saying to us. Rick is a good guy but always found
himself off the beaten path. Lonely one day he connected with a
female on a very reputable dating website. He took his new female
friend to dinner and they began to chat about just about everything.
At one point during the dinner she posed a rather intriguing question
to Richard, by saying “Can I call you Ricky.” Rick agreed and a short
while later they were back to his home. One thing led to another, and
before you knew it the chick was screaming OH YA RICKY, OH YA

With that in mind, my friends and I have opted to use the term oh ya
ricky for anything that think is funny. You studied for 12 hours and
got a 47 on the test? OH YA RICKY. You bought her $100 worth of
jewelry on valentines day and still got dumped? OH YA RICKY. We hope
you will adopt this phrase as we have and use it whenever you think
something is worthy of mentioning Ricky in a sentence.

In the mean time enjoy the points and prizes that OhYaRicky.com has to offer and
never stop laughing!

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