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The Top Ten Greatest Stock Trades of All-Time

Hedge Fund titan Jon Paulson pulled off the greatest trade of all time in 2007, raking in a cool $15 billion in his bet against subprime mortgages – according to the International Business Times who ranked the top ten greatest trades of all-time. Some were brilliant masterminds, others were just plain lucky. The Top Ten Greatest Trades of All-Time […]

Bank of America: A Financial Powerhouse’s Road to Prosperity

If you currently own Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) then you have been a strong supporter of the new direction the bank is going in and have been loving the impressive run the stock has been on, +83% year-to-date, +183% over the past 20 months. Just take a look at both of the BofA charts […]

Dollar-Cost Averaging-How to Get Higher Returns Without Taking Significant Risks

The formula for investment success seems simple enough: “Buy low and sell high.” The problem, of course, is predicting when a security’s price will be low and when it will be high. The best analysts and market watchers are fortunate indeed if they can predict the general direction of the market correctly. Certainly, the individual […]

Tencent Keeps Soaring Higher Despite China’s Weak Economy

While U.S. social media stocks like Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN), and Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) have struggled to live up the hype; China’s Tencent Holdings (0700.HK & OTC: TCEHY) on the other hand has been thriving despite a weak Chinese economy. Who & What is Tencent? Tencent is a Chinese investment holding company whose […]

World GDP: Is Our Global Economy Actually Improving?

Only four years have past since the world was hit with one of the worst financial crisis of all-time and while many believe our economies are improving others disagree stating that some of the improvements are superficial as in fact the world is faltering again. According to The Economist’s calculations, world GDP grew by just 2.1% during […]

Articles of the Week: Is Warren Buffett More Myth Than Legend?

Hope everyone had a great week and are enjoying an even better 4th of July weekend! We have some great reads to help you all enjoy it a little more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the articles below. Like always, if you have any investment questions or need advice on a specific stock, Stocks on Wall Street is […]

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  • An Overview of Peer-to-Peer Currency Exchange

    Whether you are a businessperson or a private individual the chances are that, at some point, you are going to want to change money from one currency to another. There are several ways for you to carry out an international money transfer, and it is important to choose the right option because making the wrong […]



  • The Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Credit from Your Financially Irresponsible Spouse

    Marriages can often become a source of stress, fear and anger when one spouse views financial responsibility differently than you view your finances. Just as in other issues such as raising children or choosing where to live, financial management of your bills and debt as a couple is a major decision for both parties. If […]

  • What are the Advantages of Forex Trading?

    What are the Advantages of Forex Trading? Forex trading involves the trading of currencies and is the largest trading market in the world. A number of opportunities have arisen in the past few years for more people to get involved in the forex market as it is now possible for people to trade online. Anybody […]

  • Tips for Expanded Relief for Taxpayers

    The Internal Revenue Service has expanded its “Fresh Start” initiative to help struggling taxpayers who owe taxes. The following tips explain the expanded relief for taxpayers. Penalty relief Part of the initiative relieves some unemployed taxpayers from failure-to-pay penalties. Penalties are one of the biggest factors a financially distressed taxpayer faces on a tax bill.The Fresh […]

  • All That Glitters – Reasons to Start Trading with Gold

    Gold. Golden goose, golden opportunity, good as gold… our associations with the word are inevitably rich, optimistic and positive. It’s a popular metal for wedding bands and other jewelry, and has always signified affluence and prosperity. But did you know that gold remains one of the favoured commodities for trading? One of the main reasons […]

  • A Beginners Guide to Buy-to-Let Property Investment

    With the housing market finally looking like it is turning a positive corner, investing in buy-to-let properties could once again be a viable option for those looking to make their future more secure. However, if you are planning to delve into the world of property investment, there are a number of things you should think […]

  • Whose Responsibility Is Company Payroll?

    The payroll function within organizations of whatever size is vital but there continues to be some debate over whose responsibility it should be – HR or finance? We look at where the buck should stop. A natural fit Payroll would seem to fall into the remit of both HR and finance but sometimes it’s unclear […]

  • Things to Keep in Mind When You Are Organising a Business Banquet

    If you have just started a job as a personal assistant or office manager, it is likely that you will be asked to organise some events from time to time. There is often a lot involved in these events, regardless of how many attendees there will be. When there are fewer people involved, it tends […]

  • 24option.com: The Top Binary Options Broker

    24option.com: The Top Binary Options Broker

    Binary options are becoming an increasingly popular form of trading in the financial markets. They offer a way to trade a wide variety of assets across multiple markets and offer greater reward in a shorter period of time to regular investments. For investors looking to profit off binary options the key is to find a […]

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